This blog is intended to facilitate our moving out of being enmired in blog comment back-and-forth, and into making a difference.
(Some of us already tried a (private) pbwiki but it petered out _very_ rapidly and was, in retrospect, pretty much a waste of time. (my idea, natch…))

fyi, I also – months back – set up a local site, a web forum, for climate action, NevadaCountyCAN.org – which in retrospect was poor judgment, the scale’s too small (mine is a small, semi-rural community) – I found myself the only one contributing, and next to no one was reading.
(and yes, this could have been because of what I was contributing)

So I’m an expert in how *not* to do these things…

there’s also 350.org for action, which is aimed at the (very general) public.

I want the Daily Kos for climate change activism.


Anna here.

I wrote Dot Earth Defender, a 2000+ line [now-defunct] script that runs with your browser (Firefox, with Greasemonkey add-on) to transform the comments section at Dot Earth from a modern-day La Brea Tar Pits to – we hope – a locus for collective action.

There’s now a separate page for Dot Earth Defender on this (dotearthaction) site, with more info.