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I made these “reminder sign” images last year; but I’d like to make them available to all.

Many bags Grocery Outlet Bag Many incl Save Mart

Here’s the Dot Earth Action page with info on them.


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Who’s running the “climate inactivism” wurlitzer?

I still don’t know as much as I’d like, but  I wrote up* what I have found behind one inactivism-promoting nugget, over here at Daily Kos.

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I provide an algorithm, a script and some results to quantitatively distinguish between a list of contrarians and a list of true “global warming experts”.

(alas it’s not all automated, you still have to – type name, hit search, select, copy, paste – for each name you check. Does anyone know how to accrete Greasemonkey results, or run multiple searches from within the same instance of the script?)

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He was on, I called in, then transcribed and annotated.

(Six months later* – the annotations are wrapped up. Many belated thanks to commenters for their contributions.)

Take-home message from the experience: callers would do well to be better prepared, and guests would do well not to lose their cool.

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Exxon ads in NYTimes

(This is a test post-via-email, using a newly-set-up account  at http://www.Posterous.com.)

Here is a photo spread of ExxonMobil ads, mostly? all? from the NYTimes; “The ads shown in that picture . . . the large majority of them were over a one-week period!”

“Not a typical week. But, that said, they do run ads (half-page, quarter page, etc.) frequently.”

Thanks to Jeff H for the photo!

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Jeff Huggins took action, conceiving, writing, funding and placing a message in the weekly newspaper of the Harvard Business School.  Read his account here (which includes a link to the “Talking Back to ExxonMobil” Advertorial itself (PDF))

And you?  What actions can you take?  Use your imagination…
(… and report here)

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Dick Purcell said:

… there is still and will long remain too much confusion about the priorities: what dangers are greatest? How colossally great? (Very.) What actions best to reduce them soonest? We still need to zero in on what to focus on …

Your thoughts?

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